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Assurance of our Asset and Engineering Services is associated with the skills, knowledge and competencies of our workforce staff


We routinely work will ISO 55001 Asset Management: Management System Requirements, and with PAS55 British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification – perform organisation ISO gap analysis assessment and build an ISO RoadMap and Maturity Program


Technical engineering design solution – provide leadership to the project team to achieve client requirements and objectives by developing cost efficient and sustainable engineering solutions. Apply technical assessments and manage the solution stages of the design and construction program. Ensure all project activities achieve the project (system) business and technical requirements within defined scope, quality, safety assurance and time constraints – whilst also achieving the optimal balance of cost, risk and performance

Building Work Contractor/Supervisor

Supervisors licence registration for building works supervision of civil construction projects

Leadership and Culture development

Develop leadership structure, organisational values and a sustainability management plan

Strategy – planning, review, improvement

We partake in strategic programs with clients, undertake analysis and prepare an array of different deliverables – framework models, policies, strategic management plans, specific asset strategies, tactical asset and engineering plans, asset lifecycle modelling

Technical / Analytical – Asset Assessment

Perform a range of analyses – asset criticality and condition assessments, asset and engineering performance assessment and reporting, maintenance program and forward works program development 

Project Management and Contact Management

Project director and management for client projects – large infrastructure design and build greenfield projects or existing brownfield projects 

Asset Assurance Management and Risk Management

Assess organisational assurance activities, processes and their audit regime. Leadership in program development such as TfNSW Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO).

Develop risk management framework and all associated artefacts