Asset Engineering Services

Building Asset Management Capability and Knowledge within Your Organisation


Building Asset Management Capability and Knowledge within Client Organisations


AES will transfer its knowledge and products (business processes, tools and documentation) to enable Client Organisations to better understand the performance of their assets in achieving target Levels of Services.


AES has a wealth of business processes, procedures and training documentation within its knowledge library which it can ‘seed’ into Client Organisations in a manner tailored to their business.


AES works closely with its Clients to develop and align Culture and Leadership with Organisational Structure and Values.

AES has a core focus of Building Asset Management Capability and Knowledge within Client Organisations.

Business Model

AES has extensive operational experience, a strong knowledge base and very low overheads. The AES business model is focused on developing strong Client partnership arrangements.  AES delivers larger works packages in partnership with only a few trusted, hand-picked Asset Management Consultancies, operating with a similar business model and recognised experts.

Company Design

The company design is to match its professional expertise to align to the Client’s work.  AES does not provide body-hire type asset management personnel, nor does it offer inexperienced Asset Managers to a Client’s workforce.

Our Promise

AES has a promise of Client satisfaction gained through Client approval and appreciation of each work activity it performs.  This approach is sometimes not valued sufficiently within larger Contractor-based Organisations;  which can over-promise and under-deliver.

AES Delivers Its Work Packages To Clients By Using Only Trusted, Hand-Picked Asset Management Professionals With Many Years Of Industry-Based Experience.

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