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Case Study: Sydney Road Asset Performance Contract

In December 2020, Ventia was awarded the Sydney Roads Asset Performance (SRAP) Contract by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for the Parklands zone over a 9-year term, commencing July 2021.


Transport for NSW / Ventia (Linking Sydney)

Asset Category:


Service Category:

Strategic / Planning, Tendering / Procurement

Project Duration:

June 2021 – August 2021



Project Value:

TfNSW indicated that the average annual contract value is between AU $200-300 million

Overview of Works:

Asset Engineering Services provided Ventia with services relating to road maintenance and asset management for the Harbour zone and Parklands zone (including and Regional Intelligence Transport Systems or ITS) in support of their tender bid for the Sydney Road Asset Performance Contract.

The asset baseline which was assessed for the tender included the maintenance of:

  • roads
  • bridges and culverts
  • slopes
  • traffic signals
  • maintenance projects (such as road resurfacing, bridge painting, slope rehabilitation and culvert relining)
  • Minor capital improvement works

Assessment also included road-related traffic incident clearance and event management.

Deliverables / Outcomes:

Development of the Strategic Asset Management Plan for the project, as well as the Tactical Asset Management Plan and other supporting documentation for the SRAP Contract tender bid.

Key Findings: