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Case Study: City Rail Link Ltd (CRLL) C3 Contract, Auckland NZ

City Rail Link is a game-changer for Auckland. It’s the largest transport infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in New Zealand. It allows the rail network to at least double rail capacity, with growth statistics suggesting that by 2035, CRL stations will need to cope with 54,000 passengers an hour at peak travel times.


Auckland Transport (Link Alliance)

Asset Category:

Facilities Management, Rail

Service Category:

Strategic / Planning, Design, Operations & Maintenance, Works Programs

Project Duration:

October 2018 – February 2019


Auckland, NZ

Project Value:

> AU $3.4 billion

Overview of Works:

City Rail Link (CRL) is the largest transport infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in New Zealand. CRL is a 3.45km twin-tunnel underground rail link up to 42 metres below ground level, linking Mt Eden Station, to uptown Karangahape Station, to the mid-town Aotea Station and then to the downtown Britomart Station.

The project transforms the downtown Britomart Transport Centre into a two-way through-station that better connects the Auckland rail network. Mount Eden Station is redeveloped, where the CRL connects with the North Auckland (Western Line) and new underground stations.

Asset Engineering Services works with design, construction, maintenance teams to develop a full integrated lifecycle solution for the City Rail Link (CRL) project.

Deliverables / Outcomes:

Asset Engineering Services was required to develop all core delivery documentation including:

  • Whole of Life – Maintenance Solution
  • Service Management Plans
  • Asset Listing
  • Review and confirmation of the Project Breakdown Structure (PBS)
  • Review and confirmation of the Initial Interface Register (IIR)
  • Review and confirmation of the steps contained within the Interface Definition Sheets (IDSs)
  • Preliminary procurement EoI for inspection and maintenance services offered by specialised Maintenance Service Providers
  • Develop a robust Whole of Life Asset Strategy and Methodology for the long-term maintenance and cleaning of CRL assets, including evidence of the proposed maintenance provider has been meaningfully involved in the design process
  • 30-year Maintenance and Works Program and costings in a whole-of-life model
  • Provides a clear and coherent description of how its maintenance solution will be managed and resourced, including detailed organisational charts, roles, responsibilities and staffing requirements

Key Findings: