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Case Study: Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA), South Australia

Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) is a South Australian Government facilities management service provided to maintain, manage and improve government building assets, applied to 47 Government Agencies.



Asset Category:

Facilities Management

Service Category:

Strategic / Planning, Operations & Maintenance, Works Programs, Supporting Systems

Project Duration:

July 2022 – September 2022



Project Value:

AU $1.7 billion

Overview of Works:

Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) is an integral part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to the maintenance, management and improvement of government building assets that underpin essential community services. The initial term of the contract is five years and seven months.

The Arrangements apply to 47 Government Agencies and enables the SA Government to:

  • establish asset standards and maintenance requirements
  • identify the scope and extent of work that needs to be done, and the maintenance program to deliver it
  • procure the performance of the trade and professional services or works at a fair market price
  • ensure that the work is completed to the required standards and quality
  • periodically inspect and assess asset condition and performance
  • appropriately manage risk and provide assurance across the asset management lifecycle

Deliverables / Outcomes:

Asset Engineering Services was engaged to provide the following services:

  • Review the existing Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP) systems and approach, with the view to identifying multiple avenues for delivery improvement, as documented into a FM Service Strategy paper we prepared for Ventia
  • Review and report on the use and performance of the Breakdown Maintenance Program, and the Refurbishment and Replacement (R&R) Maintenance Program
  • Review and redevelop the preventative maintenance TMP, comprising Technical Data Sheets covering an array of discipline services

Key Findings: